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The World In 4D
For successful Interactive 3D projects, you must build in 3D but operate in 4D: Create a compelling environment in space and run engaging events in time.

From The World In 4D, by Sitearm Madonna

Interactive 3D
You know it's Interactive 3D when you can talk with other characters. You can influence their actions. You can change the plot. You can change the world. You are no longer yourself, you are your Avatar. Nor are the other characters computer generated and controlled images, they are as real and as unpredictable as you.

From What Is Interactive 3D, by Sitearm Madonna

Anatomy of an Avatar
Avatars yield returns on several levels:
1. They allow people to “see themselves” taking part in the experience.
2. Your perception of who is participating is greatly enhanced.
3. Open and honest communication between employees is greatly facilitated.
4. You always have an ice-breaker.
5. You’re always ready for work.
From: Anatomy of an Avatar, by Caleb Booker
Why Webcams Fail
Virtual space experiences work better than a webcam experience for three reasons:
1. You can maintain some “personal space”.
2. Whatever learning mode you’re in, chances are you’ll do fine.
3. The experience fills your field of vision far more readily.
From: Why Webcams Fail, by Caleb Booker
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