Memo of Understanding

Siterma The World In 4D abides by the following Standard Memo of Understanding (Two Way Confidentiality Agreement) in discussions with clients and associates, and with potential clients and associates.

(Two Way Confidentiality Agreement)

. This STANDARD MEMO OF UNDERSTANDING confirms the overlapping interests of participants and willingness to share information in an appropriate and confidential manner, to help each other in the course of their parallel growth and development.
. Participants agree to keep confidentiality per the DETAILS and TERMS below.

. Client / Associate
. Siterma The World In 4D dba Development One LLC

. These parties seek opportunities to explore and work with other innovative virtual reality designers, artists and service providers.
. These parties are part of a larger network of independent designers, artists, and service providers operating in virtual worlds projects.
. These parties see value in helping each other by sharing information that does not violate confidentiality agreements that each may have with other clients or patrons.
. The information to be shared can include trends and plans in technology, business, applications and more.
. These parties have complementary agendas and agree to help each other in the course of their parallel growth and development.

1. Detailed information shared such as costs or names is confidential for internal use only.
2. For broader use by each party with other staff or clients, paraphrases without specifics are acceptable.
3. This memo of understanding may be updated by mutual agreement or ended by either should circumstances change.
4. In particular, should any of these parties determine that their agendas are no longer complementary they may end this agreement by simply giving notice "I hereby end our Standard Memo of Understanding".
5. In the event that a party dissolves the agreement, all information shared prior to the agreement being ended remains confidential.


Although most changes are likely to be minor, Siterma may change its Standard Memo of Understanding (Two Way Confidentiality Agreement) from time to time, and in Siterma’s sole discretion. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at:

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